I’m a busy healthcare worker in the U.S., who happens to have an intemperate reading habit that I’m hoping to justify by writing this blog. Anna Pierian is a pen name I’m using to allow myself a degree of intellectual freedom in my writing that I might not have with patients and employers googling me only to find out that I have a very salty vocabulary (gasp!) and an occasionally unorthodox mind (scandalous!).

Topics that that keep me up reading and scribbling late into the bleary-eyed night include: neuroscience, human development, climate change, economics, political theory, human rights, medicine, philosophy, futurism, anthropology, and occasionally poetry, new and old alike.

The purpose of Pierian Journal is to offer a long and broad view on potentially contentious topics impacting our world. Rather than getting caught up in the dramas and scandals of the day, I strive to take time out to reflect on the context, history, large-scale trends, and potential long-term impacts or directions of the issue at hand. I welcome your comments, questions,  criticisms, and disagreements, as long as they are in good faith and keeping in the spirit of thoughtful inquiry.

I can be reached at anna [dot] pierian [at] gmail [dot] com.