I’m a busy healthcare worker in the U.S., who happens to have an intemperate reading habit that I’m hoping to justify by writing this blog. Topics that that keep me up reading and scribbling late into the bleary-eyed night include: neuroscience, human development, climate change, economics, political theory, human rights, medicine, philosophy, futurism, anthropology, and poetry, to name a few.

My goal with Pierian Journal is to offer a long and broad view on potentially contentious topics impacting our world. Rather than getting caught up in the dramas and scandals of the day, I strive to take time out to reflect on the context, history, large-scale trends, and potential long-term impacts or directions of the issue at hand. I welcome your comments, questions,  criticisms, and disagreements, as long as they are in good faith and keeping in the spirit of thoughtful inquiry.

I can be reached at cara [dot] pierian [at] gmail [dot] com.